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Do You Understand the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) of Texas?
We Do!

Serving Texas Teachers Since 2001

Changing How TRS and Retirement Education Are Brought to Texas Teachers and Their Families

At HelpTxTeachers, we truly believe that Texas teachers are the most underappreciated and under-served group of professionals in the state. We wake up every day to change how TRS and financial education are brought to those who need it the most — the Texas teachers.

Our goal is to be the one place you go for trusted advice on all of your retirement choices from someone who has been there and done that. 

TRS education, 403(b) alternatives, or just simply consolidating old accounts from your past districts... These are what we do each and every day all over the state. Having been a teacher and having been raised by a teacher, we’ve got this!

Here’s What You Can Expect When Partnering With Us:

Advice Built Around Your Specific Situation

We’re focused on providing TRS and retirement education based on your unique situation, it’s that simple. No two teachers are alike and our goal is to educate you on all of your choices, not just a district-wide 403(b). Whether you are just starting out or in your last year of teaching, you can confidently make decisions for your money, knowing you have explored ALL of the options available to you.

Maximizing Your TRS

For the majority of teachers, TRS will be their largest retirement asset. Therefore, it is crucial that you completely understand how it works and which one of the 20+ options at retirement are the best fit for you. With our years of experience and know-how, you’ll feel confident to make the choices that maximize TRS based solely on your goals.

We Focus on Relationships

Having worked as teachers, as well as raised by them, we get it. Our team knows the importance of building relationships in order to deliver personalized guidance. We strive to learn as much as we can about you in order to provide ideas that fit and make sense. But, we also know sometimes you simply need a few questions answered as they arise. We are here for those also and firmly believe that none of them are silly.

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