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HelpTxTeachers Testimonials

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

"Clint has been the perfect resource on retirement planning for me. He's incredibly knowledgeable, listens, and gives great guidance while allowing clients to make well educated decisions for themselves.

Honestly, when my colleague's ask me about Clint, I tell them he is a bulldog when necessary but a gentle trustworthy guide otherwise."

Jennifer E.

Round Rock ISD

“Clint is a true teacher at heart. His knowledge and patience are evident with every person he helps. He assisted me with moving my money from a restrictive 403b account and into an investment that will work much better for me. I had many questions and contacted him often. Clint responded promptly and took the time to answer and explain the procedures we were taking. I highly recommend him!”"

Julie M.

Lackland ISD

“As a busy teacher, I create a lot of “to-do lists” and they’re prioritized from most pressing to pretty much everything else. Unfortunately, planning for my personal future and financial wellbeing gets pushed to the bottom of my list where it remains indefinitely. The result is a nagging worry that pecks away at my psyche perpetually. While I know it is not wise to remain on financial autopilot, I simply do not have the mental space at the end of my day to figure it all out.

Fortunately, my AP reached out with her personal endorsement of her long-time friend, Clint Huston with HelpTxTeachers. This was the nudge I needed to take action.

I contacted Clint and he was incredibly helpful. He listened to my concerns and wishes, and then did the research and explained my options.  

“My future” is now off my to-do list and I have a clear plan for retirement. I know what I need to do between now and age 65 and I’m doing it. Clint accommodated my schedule and I was even able to set up my room for class while on a conference call meeting during my planning time! 

I am incredibly grateful. Thank you, Clint!!”

Meg C.

Lake Travis ISD 

“Clint, at HelpTxTeachers, is a great partner with school districts. He is easy to communicate with and serve our staff. I appreciate his flexibility, willingness to step up and help and his servant's heart to ensure teachers know how to plan for their future and take care of their hard-earned dollars. I am honored to know and work with Clint and thankful for his partnership with our district.”

Lindsie A.

Hutto ISD

“I have worked with Clint Hutson, of HelpTxTeachers for several years. He connects with educators because he cares about them having the best plan for their future. One of the best things about Clint is that he recognizes that everyone’s situation will be different, takes the time to listen and speak with you about your life and plans, and then helps you set goals to accomplish what you want to do. He serves as a fierce advocate for public educators and is willing to support those educators.”

Jared S.

Pflugerville ISD

“Clint has a true passion for helping teachers plan for their future. He takes the time to answer all your questions and guides you through the process of choosing what is best for you and your family. You can be confident that Clint will be there for you, no matter what.”

Jennifer B.

Retired Texas Teacher