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Comprehensively Helping You Maximize and Transfer Your Largest Retirement Asset (TRS)

Don’t Go It Alone Early in Your Career or Wait Until Your Last Year of Teaching

Our main priority is to help you completely understand how TRS, your largest retirement asset, works. Most teachers we meet do not realize that their TRS pension could be over a million dollars that hits their bank account throughout retirement. It is crucial to understand the ins and outs to maximize those dollars.

What tier am I? When can I retire? How many options are there? Which option fits me the best? What will my income look like after retiring? Do I need a 403(b)? Will I get social security and if so, how much? These are questions we hear every day from teachers across the state. We work as your key point of contact to provide you with the education and resources you need to successfully answer all these questions, as well as others that pop up throughout your career.

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We are the hand to hold in your first few years of teaching, the voice in your corner to get answers you deserve and the shoulder to lean on when it comes time to make tough decisions late in your career.

Understanding Your Options, One Step at a Time 

We are committed to guiding you in:

 TRS Pension Transfer and Maximization

 Tax-Efficient 403(b) Alternatives

 Life & Disability Insurance

 403(b) Consolidation From Old Districts

 Medicare Supplement Insurance

 Faculty TRS Presentations

 Income Distribution Planning

Through “our partners,” we can also assist with: 

 Health Insurance

 Student Tutoring

 Home and Auto Insurance

 Mortgage Services

 And More

No Matter Where You Are in Your Career, We’ll Help You Prepare for What’s Ahead

How It Works - Our Process