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What It Means To Work With HelpTxTeachers

ECAT: Our Planning Process

In a demanding profession such as yours, you don’t necessarily have the luxury of time that others do. That’s why we’re available when you need us. No matter how many meetings it takes, our proven ECAT process assures you get the help you deserve based on when you are available. You will not feel rushed or sold. We want to get to know you and your family, educate you and then develop ideas that will help you the most. 

Throughout our process, we’ll discuss your needs, concerns and how your pension works alongside your other savings. This assures we can best help you understand how to maximize your retirement. And, we never charge a fee to meet. 

A Long-Term, Mutually Beneficial Relationship Focused on Your Goals

Your career has led you to put the lives of others first every day. In our relationship, you’ll always be the first priority. That’s our promise to the Texas teacher. We work at your pace and are here when you need us.

Let us help you achieve the peace of mind that you consistently strive to provide others.

Schedule Your No Cost Consultation Now